Today, Hamilton County Prosecutor Melissa Powers announced that charges have been filed along with a motion for relinquishment of jurisdiction (bindover) of Juvenile A.B.

A.B. was charged with Conspiracy to commit Aggravated Murder. The Prosecutor’s Office is asking that A.B.’s case be bound over to the Court of Common Pleas for trial as an adult. If adjudicated as a delinquent child in juvenile court, A.B. faces a maximum possible sentence of commitment to the Ohio Department of Youth Services until age 21. If convicted as an adult,

A.B. faces a maximum possible sentence of life in prison with the possibility of parole after 35 years.

Beginning in early January, A.B., along with the aid of an out-of-state co-conspirator, planned to conduct a mass casualty event at Mariemont High School. A.B., a student at Mariemont High School, had created a plan for the crime, a list of students and teachers to be killed, and a plan to access a firearm located in the home. Mariemont Police officers were able to intervene after receiving a tip from a fellow student who became aware of the plan.

Mariemont City Schools Superintendent Steve Estepp commented: “Like most communities, we certainly hoped that something like this would not happen this close to home. It’s a stark reminder that threats of violence remain a serious concern for schools and educators.

I am incredibly thankful that we can say that this was a plot thwarted and a tragedy avoided because of the proactive measures by a student and parent to report their concern to our local police department followed by the swift and thorough response of the police, FBI and prosecutor.”

Mariemont Police Chief Richard Hines commented: “I would like to thank Prosecutor Melissa Powers and her staff for their assistance in this investigation. I also want to thank the F.B.I. and the Mariemont City Schools administrative staff for their assistance in this matter. I would also be remiss to not thank the student who provided the tip that let us get out in front of a very serious situation.

In an abundance of caution, we are increasing out patrol units for the rest of this week. However, we are confident that the threat to the community and the school district has been contained.”

Hamilton County Prosecutor Melissa Powers commented: “I am thankful for the great work of the Mariemont Police Department to prevent what could have been a horrific tragedy. Countless lives were saved by their actions.

Children should not fear coming to school. Teachers should not fear that their students will cause harm to them or their classmates.

Violence in our schools will not be tolerated, and my office will do what is necessary to ensure those who commit it are held responsible.”