Today, Hamilton County Prosecutor Melissa Powers announced the indictment of Kadarius Short (DOB 7/17/99) for the August 24, 2023 rape of a University of Cincinnati Freshman in her dorm, as well as two other sexual assaults.

Short was indicted for three counts of Sexual Battery (F3), three counts of Rape (F1), one count of Aggravated Burglary (F1), one count of Aggravated Robbery (F1), one count of Robbery (F3), one count of Kidnapping (F1), and one count of Strangulation (F5). If convicted on all counts, he faces a maximum possible sentence of 59 years in prison.

On August 24, 2023 at approximately 3:00am Short knocked on the victim’s door at the Deacon Apartments on Straight Street. Short told her he was a Resident Advisor and was investigating a noise complaint. Short walked through her apartment and entered her bedroom where he told her they had to wait for another RA.

While in her bedroom, Short began strangling the victim with a phone charging cord. He then forced her on the bed and raped her. Short also indicated he had a firearm.
Afterwards, Short took the victim’s phone and attempted to send himself several CashApp and Venmo transactions for $600. When the transactions failed, he forced the victim to walk to an ATM and withdraw $400. Once he received the money, he fled.

The victim returned to her apartment and immediately called 911.

It is unknown how Short gained entry into the Deacon Apartment building.

The investigation linked Short to two prior sexual assault cases.

In 2021, Short walked his victim home to the Deacon Apartments from a party. When the victim fell asleep, Short sexually assaulted her while she was unconscious. The next day, the victim obtained a rape kit. Short was known to the victim at the time of the incident. Short supplied alcohol to his victim, who was only 18.

In June of 2023, Short met another victim, who was 17 years old, on Facebook. Short and the victim were at a party together. At some point, the victim fell asleep. When she woke up to Short on top of her, raping her. After a brief struggle, the victim was able to push Short off of her and stop the assault. Later that day, she contacted police and identified Short through social media.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Melissa Powers commented, “These young women were just starting their adult lives. Going away to college should be a time of hope and optimism.

This man took that from his victims. They will never view the world the same way again.

For that, we will seek to put him in prison for the next 60 years of his life.

We believe there may be more victims. If you have any information about Kadarius Short, please contact Cincinnati Police Personal Crimes Detective Antonio Hamilton at 513-352-3542.”